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“We shall walk together on this path of life, for all things are part of the universe and are connected with each other to form one whole unity.”

Maria Montessori

School Life

The Montessori classroom is a loving community where all members actively support one another while successfully pursuing their own development and interests. At Gladwyne Montessori, this sense of interconnectedness and responsibility goes beyond the classroom and is carried by its alumni and families into the community at large. We are a community of students, teachers, administrators, board members, neighbors, coaches, alumni, and parents who are focused on serving our community.

Join us in our mission of pouring into the future leaders of the world. Each and every interaction a child has makes an impact on how they see the world. Your passion or expertise may spark something in the heart and mind of one of the children. Come and take part in the extraordinary moments that take place at Gladwyne Montessori.


Gladwyne Montessori cultivates self-reliance in our students through a learning experience guided by the philosophy of Maria Montessori and informed by contemporary educational research. We provide a vibrant and academically-stimulating program that develops curious and confident students, well-prepared to serve as responsible citizens of the greater community.

To prepare our students to be impactful contributors to the greater community, they learn about the value of a strong community through their environment. The partnership between our faculty and staff and our families ensures that each child receives individualized care for optimal growth and long-term success.

Because community is valued here, you'll observe alumni, past parents, neighbors, and friends supporting the school in various ways. Collectively, our goal is to ensure that all of the children that attend Gladwyne Montessori will become the best version of themselves.