Toddler (Age 2)

When our 2 year olds first enter the building, you’ll find them taking off their shoes and changing into slippers. The significance? It is one of the many crafted lessons specific to this age group that a child will take part in to encourage self-reliance and help develop various skills.

Our Toddler program for children age 2 is full of energy, giggles, and curious children. You will find these students filling a bucket with soap and water to then carefully scrub a table, or putting out tiny cloth placemats, china and glassware for a group snack. Each task has a purpose, and each child will master it before moving on to the next lesson.

Our toddler classrooms, like all of our classrooms, are orderly and materials are accessible to curious students. This community of children is guided by adults who are focused on their needs and supporting their independence. Many materials are based on activities of the home: cooking, cleaning, washing, etc. There are puzzles and manipulative games and objects to aid in the development a child’s senses, hand control, balance, and coordination. Stories, songs, books, and pictures encourage the development of language. The environment helps children develop an awareness of their own rights and limits, as well as the rights and limits of others. This program equips our children to take learning into their own tiny hands.