Primary (Ages 3-6)

Early childhood education is vital to a child’s lifelong educational journey. Our Primary program provides introductions to the culture, curriculum, and skill sets that characterize education at Gladwyne Montessori; building not only the foundation for future academic success, but also the necessary skills to meet 21st century demands: growing autonomy, independence, cooperation, collaboration, and flexibility.

The Montessori materials found in each classroom appeal to the child’s human tendencies to explore, find order and orientation, manipulate, and repeat precise movements until relative perfection is reached. Through these materials, learning is a process of joyful discovery.

Each Montessori classroom is uniquely suited to the needs of its students. Our primary classrooms are designed with low sinks, chairs, and tables; a reading corner with a comfortable floor cushion; easy to reach shelves; and child-sized kitchen tools. These elements allow for true independence and help to develop small motor skills.

Within these classrooms, you'll also find three, four, five & six-year-old students working both individually and collaboratively. In a three-year period, students experience being the novice, the apprentice, and the mentor in the community, learning from, practicing with and teaching other students.

Each year, our Primary students build upon their lessons from the year prior, creating a solid foundation for continued Montessori learning at the elementary level.