When a child is born, so many questions and concerns arise in a parent’s mind. This boils down to one simple reality: you care and you want the very best for your baby. You are not alone! Our Parent-Toddler program provides a safe space for parents of children ages 12-24 months to get questions answered and concerns addressed. Led by a certified psychologist, this program equips parents with the tools and information needed to support the growth of their child while also providing a community of other parents who are experiencing the same challenges and milestones right alongside of you.

For many parents, family may not be nearby. Having a group of like-minded new friends to turn to for emotional support, guided by an expert in child development is essential in this special time in your life. In this program, our Parent-Toddler instructor will walk with you as you and your child learn and grow together. A different topic is covered each week ranging from eating, sleeping, temperament, discipline, development and expectations, toilet training, reading, emotional development, and so much more. This class provides your child his or her first opportunity to learn how to behave in a group and will give parents a model of strategies to replicate at home. Through the Parent-Toddler program, you will be able to see what your child is truly capable of. It might surprise you.