As a facet of Gladwyne Montessori, the Teacher Education Program shares in the rich history and traditions of the school. Gladwyne Montessori has been a model Montessori environment for children on Philadelphia's Main Line for over 50 years. Although much has changed since our school opened it's doors to 30 pre-schoolers in 1962, our mission of providing an authentic Montessori environment wherein children are free to realize their fullest potential has remained a constant. Here at Gladwyne Montessori, we value individuality, curiosity, responsibility, flexibility, connection, acceptance, and joy. We fully believe that the child can achieve these essential qualities, simply by experiencing the method established by Dr. Montessori over 100 years ago. Guided under the belief that Montessori is an unmatched method of teaching, Gladwyne Montessori offers programs that educate the whole child, beginning in toddlerhood all the way through adolescence. Gladwyne Montessori TEP offers a comprehensive Infant Toddler training program that aims to broaden the scope of Montessori education throughout our surrounding community so that this method of learning can be available to more children beyond our walls.

Gladwyne Montessori TEP classes are conducted in our school building, a beautifully renovated, historic stone building which houses three outdoor play spaces, an indoor gymnasium, 11 classrooms designed to inspire the learning for children aged 2 to 12 years old. Our Infant Toddler courses will be offered within our Toddler classrooms, where our adult learners will be immersed in the beauty and simplicity of our bright, welcoming environment.

Grounded in our fundamental belief that the Montessori approach to learning can help all people interested in education and child development, our courses are further offered to all who simply want to learn more about the philosophy, and practice. Graduates of our Infant Toddler program will receive their American Montessori Society certification for the Infant Toddler level.