In addition to our in-depth, hands-on curriculum, we offer extracurricular activities for students to further nurture and strengthen their individual and group responsibility, physical strength and endurance, diversity, and sense of culture and community while reinforcing and applying concepts learned in the classroom. They also allow your children to further explore their interests with other children sharing similar passions.

Available Programs

Art Studio

Students will work with different media which will include painting, printing, collage, and clay.


Students learn the basics of chess and play games against other students at the same level.


A fun new class in which students will use their abilities to create and build whatever the imagination holds. Special class project each session. Legos, K’NEX and other building materials will be used. Challenges and problems which require the use of logical processing skills will be featured.

Creative Yoga

Using animal and nature imagery, this yoga class will introduce students to elementary yoga poses. Children will move like a lion, fly like an eagle, swish like the wind, and flow like the ocean. The use of breathing and focusing activities will be used in a fun game like setting. Appropriate clothing for activity required.

Dance Play

Children will hear stories taken from fairy tales, ballet, theater, or a favorite Eric Carle book. Game like warm ups help students explore a variety of movements. They may stomp like elephants, leap like gazelles, or float like butterflies. Finally, it is all put together with the use of music and props.

Li'L Breakers

Boys and girls will move and groove to kid friendly hip hop beats. Fundamental mat work and basic dance moves will strengthen bodies and provide plenty of movement opportunities.

Little Rockers Music

A music appreciation class with a rock and roll twist. Students will learn the fundamentals of music through simple ear training. Fun rhythm and singing games will reinforce the skills they learn.

Nature and Science

This fun, exciting class offers an introduction to science and its connection with nature. Gravity and shapes are just two of the fun age appropriate topics covered in class. New experiments each session.

Rookie Sports

This class offers an introduction to sports including soccer, baseball, basketball, hockey, football, lacrosse and track and field.

Sports Academy

A variety of sports including soccer, basketball, floor hockey, and baseball are played!

Synergy Coding

Students combine their creative energy, problem solving skills, and entrepreneurial spirit to design their own brand. Students will then explore one of the fastest developing areas of technology, the Internet of Things (IoT), through a series of real world coding projects. By constructing electronic games and “smart” robots, students will familiarize themselves with the ways in which technology intertwines with our daily lives.

Available programs change each season as we are constantly introducing new classes to meet the interests of our students. Age levels vary per class. After a student is enrolled, parents/guardians can register their child for the desired extracurricular activities via our parent/guardian portal.


Elementary students have the opportunity to take part in off-site athletic extracurriculars. These include track, rock climbing, and ultimate frisbee. Our track team practices weekly and competes locally on the weekends. Rock climbing participants travel to the Philadelphia Rock Gym weekly to receive climbing instruction. Students participating in ultimate frisbee play with local schools allowing for the expansion of their social circles as well as the development of teamwork and sportsmanship.