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Gladwyne Montessori's Elementary program is an integral part of our students’ academic journey. As a direct continuation of the skills a child develops through their Primary three-year cycle, the Elementary classroom community provides a new and stimulating environment in which to explore and be inspired. The three-year development process that took place in Primary will begin again, but with an increased focus on academic skills and a new sense of confidence and curiosity.

Additionally, children who join us for the first time in our elementary grades will swiftly adapt to this methodology because our highly trained teachers work with great skill and attention to provide a seamless adjustment, providing a learning environment for all children to feel safe and welcomed in our learning community.

In our Montessori Elementary program, your child's teacher will present an individualized plan for him or her based not only on the Montessori curriculum, but also the teachers’ careful observations and detailed record-keeping of your specific student. This individualized learning within our Montessori Elementary program allows students to learn at their own pace and receive lessons specific to their learning style. To ensure that every child completes the full curriculum by the end of the year, teachers spend considerable one-on-one time with each student.

Children in the Montessori Elementary program are joyful and deeply engaged in their learning. They are provided the freedom to navigate their environment with autonomy, choosing where to work, when to get a snack, use the bathroom, or seek a new lesson. Along with a written work plan, students learn to become true advocates for their learning while their teacher facilitates. The flexibility and individualized teaching, as well as the student : teacher ratio at Gladwyne Montessori, cannot be found in any other school on the Main Line for elementary-aged learners.

Additionally, our Elementary program currently serves students living in Gladwyne, Ardmore, Bala Cynwyd, Bryn Mawr, Haverford, Philadelphia, Narberth, and Wayne and beyond, allowing students an opportunity to interact and develop relationships with children they may not otherwise meet.

Through our Montessori Elementary program’s curriculum, students advance academically well beyond their same-aged peers. The broad and integrated curriculum allows children to delve into big projects that excite them! They are exposed to various areas of science commonly left out until middle school. This allows students to refine their skills, while exploring areas of their own interests at their own pace.

At Gladwyne Montessori, our students excel without the pressures of an externally driven competitive environment, which is often experienced at other private elementary schools. As a result, our Elementary students gain a strong appreciation for holding themselves accountable for extraordinary effort and work. This intrinsic motivation yields a healthy, happy, emotionally mature child who possesses a profound desire to excel in every area of life.

Students who complete our program gain an impressive depth of understanding and mastery across all subjects which makes our students extraordinary contributors at all schools who are fortunate to receive them once they complete our program. Get in touch with our Admissions Office to talk about how our Elementary program can best serve your young learner!


Elementary Faculty