montessori school bala cynwyd paGladwyne Montessori is a joyous, independent, co-educational, day school that seeks to galvanize students’ minds and hearts, curiosity, imagination, and love of learning.

Based on Maria Montessori’s educational philosophy, we are dedicated to focusing on children’s developmental stages as informed by current research in brain function, education, technology, and psychology. Respect-based partnership education — education for and with the child — enables students to thrive in classrooms where teachers respect the uniqueness and needs of individual students. Motivation is enhanced through the pursuit of individual interests, and self-confidence is strengthened through the introduction of new materials based on individual readiness, learning style and ability. The teacher’s role is one of trained observer, mentor, guide, developmental expert, and catalyst of student-potential. The child’s role is one of elated explorer, independent thinker, compassionate collaborator, and thoughtful researcher.

Our “child-centered” programs are based on the following combination of principles and beliefs:

Children are born good — innately caring, curious, creative, and intelligent.

Children should be allowed to have a joyous, productive, unhurried childhood.

Children are intrinsically motivated and will succeed when their learning involves movement, purposeful manipulation of materials, and opportunities for independence.

A sound education should enhance the building of life-skills.

International education is integral to educating future citizens of the world.

Stewardship is fundamental to Montessori education.

Through an education based on these beliefs, Gladwyne Montessori students graduate having experienced more than books, friends, and teachers. At all levels of development, they demonstrate independence, self-direction, insatiable curiosity, and perseverance when engaged in meaningful work. They leave with the essential tools necessary for a meaningful, confident adult life — a passion for and proficiency in learning, the ability to choose and engage in a task with sustained concentration, the ability to identify and resolve social problems, a sense of respect and responsibility for the natural environment, an appreciation of different cultures, and a commitment to make the world a better place.