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“We shall walk together on this path of life, for all things are part of the universe and are connected with each other to form one whole unity.”

Maria Montessori

New Spaces that Build Community

Gladwyne Montessori's planned playgrounds, expanded parking, welcome gazebo, expanded makerspace, and elementary learning terrace.

Gladwyne Montessori's teachers cultivate a love of learning that remains with students for life. It is no surprise that many of our children grow into Gladwyne Montessori parents, creating a family legacy with our school and a special, shared learning experience that spans decades and generations.

New Spaces: The Campaign for Gladwyne Montessori will optimize our existing spaces while creating new opportunities for our faculty and community to shape our students' lives.

Specifically, we will:  

  • Optimize existing learning spaces within our historic Merion Square building.

  • Introduce a new faculty and administrative house that will be a welcome center for new and prospective families, a retreat for our faculty, and a gathering place for our community.

  • Enhance student safety, eliminating the need for children to cross our parking lot or Youngsford Road to access spaces for outdoor learning and play. 

  • Address our parking needs, enabling our community to gather with new ease as they see their children in action during classroom and school events.

  • Provide dedication opportunities that tell the story of our school, celebrating our founders, our teachers, and their incredible legacy at our school.