Capital Campaign

Dear Friends,

Sixty years ago, Gladwyne Montessori's founders began a tradition of early learning excellence, with teachers cultivating depth of knowledge and the values required for children to grow into actively engaged adults.

With a Montessori mission that has stood the test of time and a campus that's full potential is within reach, an exciting new chapter is unfolding at Gladwyne Montessori.

New Spaces: The Campaign for Gladwyne Montessori is an invitation for members of the Gladwyne Montessori community—past and present—to join us as we raise $3.5M in support of a campus redevelopment project that is making important and necessary improvements to our historic campus while establishing new indoor and outdoor learning spaces that reflect the Montessori philosophy and promote optimal child development.

The enclosed information outlines the impact that this project will have on indoor and outdoor learning at Gladwyne Montessori. It also showcases the role that philanthropic leadership will play as we bring these new spaces to life for today's students and generations of learners to come.

I look forward to your partnership as we complete this important and timely initiative.


Ms. Hadley Ruggles, Head of School
Gladwyne Montessori

Capital Campaign Construction Photos

Check out the slideshow below for photos of our ongoing campus construction! We can't wait to see our New Spaces when they're finished! 

Priorities & Project Phasing