Gladwyne Montessori is an extraordinary educational community. Our families and friends, both past and present, are joined in their commitment to enrich our children's learning experiences through their continued involvement.

At Gladwyne Montessori, we are deeply grateful for the generosity of our community. As a result of the philanthropic support of current and past parents, alumni, grandparents, faculty & staff and friends, we are able to work together to sustain the Gladwyne Montessori mission and to accomplish our ongoing goals and initiatives.

We respectfully ask you, and all members of our community, to consider Gladwyne Montessori a priority in your charitable giving. We hope that you will join us in investing in the continued success of Gladwyne Montessori by making a generous tax-deductible gift.

Every gift matters - every dollar helps. The returns are extraordinary.

A toddler using hands-on letters to spell out three letter words.