Madeleine Grant

Madeleine Grant

Years spent at Gladwyne Montessori: 1989-1996

Madeleine Grant remembers her formative years at Gladwyne Montessori very fondly—from Stepping Stones (Toddler) with Teacher Joanne, Primary with Ms. Miller, and Lower Elementary with Ms. Hartnett.

After receiving both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania, Madeleine started her career in Development at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Now as the Philanthropic Services Manager for National Philanthropic Trust, she lends her expertise in nonprofit leadership and charitable giving to helping individuals and foundations achieve their philanthropic goals. She explains that much of her role involves managing relationships with funders and recipient charities around the world, which is incredibly rewarding.

Madeleine says her sense of compassion and social responsibility was cultivated during her time at Gladwyne Montessori. “There was always an emphasis on not only respecting others, but also on accountability towards others. From a very early age, I came to appreciate the joy of giving back and the importance of honoring others’ differences,” she says.

Madeleine’s memories of her time at Gladwyne Montessori include trips to the creek, the excitement of buying new books at the book fair before the annual “Readathon,” and activities and performances in the Kindergym. She shares that she is still close friends with some of her Primary classmates decades later, also crediting her time at the school with fostering her curiosity, independence, and love of learning.

“I feel profoundly grateful that I had the Montessori experience and that I learned to love learning from my first days in a classroom. Now more than ever, our world needs tolerant, empathetic, and curious global citizens. As an alumnus, I’m thrilled to give back to the school in my small, but personally meaningful, way.”