Alumni Spotlight

Curious about what the future might hold for your child? Get to know some of our alumni to learn more about the impact of a Gladwyne Montessori education.

Jaslyn McIntosh

A young leader of two teams in her professional life, Jaslyn McIntosh views the teachers of Gladwyne Montessori, specifically the trust they promoted, as large contributors to her present success. Paving her own way and incorporating passions into her work as a student here allowed Jaslyn to discover an empowerment that continues to serve her well beyond those Gladwyne Montessori years.

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Krista Ruane

Blending culinary with sculpture, Krista Ruane—food stylist, photographer, producer, and writer—uniquely channels her love of food and art to develop food media content. She reflects on her time at Gladwyne Montessori as "completely visceral" and credits the school with "igniting that connectivity between touch and understanding," a large part of her professional work. 

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Domenic Pisano

An alumnus who started Delaware's first full orchestra in a public school, Domenic Pisano reflects on his Gladwyne Montessori experience as a wonderful beginning to his schooling journey. Coming from a family who places great value on education, Domenic currently reaches students through an extensive music program he has been developing for the past 15 years. 

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Madeleine Grant

Madeleine says her sense of compassion and social responsibility were cultivated during her time at Gladwyne Montessori. “There was always an emphasis on not only respecting others, but also on accountability towards others. From a very early age, I came to appreciate the joy of giving back and the importance of honoring others’ differences,” she says.

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