Alumni Spotlight

Curious about what the future might hold for your child? Get to know some of our alumni to learn more about the impact of a Gladwyne Montessori education.

Stephanie Rigterink Siko

With a career that spreads vastly over the field of law, Stephanie Rigterink Siko began her schooling at Gladwyne Montessori; now, each of her four children have attended or currently attend our school. Stephanie reminisces about the school's curricular emphasis on order and decision-making, skills she witnesses in her own children today.  

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Peter Doshi

One part health scientist, another part writer, alumni Peter Doshi regards Gladwyne Montessori's authentic, qualitative approach to learning, mixed-age classrooms, and teachers—or "stewards of learning"—as paramount to his development. He states, "My Montessori education left me with initiative and independence, nurtured through the kind encouragement of my teachers."

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Sean Savett

Optimizing the entire Gladwyne Montessori journey, Sean Savett began as a toddler and remained all the way through 6th grade. Presently working as Senator Duckworth's Press Secretary, Sean reflects on learning skills at Gladwyne Montessori, such as writing, where he received the direction yet also the freedom to develop as a student. He now uses communication to politically reach others, saying "if you can't explain something effectively, people won't support [change]."

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Jaslyn McIntosh

A young leader of two teams in her professional life, Jaslyn McIntosh views the teachers of Gladwyne Montessori, specifically the trust they promoted, as large contributors to her present success. Paving her own way and incorporating passions into her work as a student here allowed Jaslyn to discover an empowerment that continues to serve her well beyond her years at Gladwyne Montessori.

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