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Why Montessori Works

What if your child had the freedom and opportunity to explore beyond the pages of a book?
What if your child could propose an idea and be supported in the process of bringing it to life?
What if your child could confidently learn in an environment without the fear of failure?
With a Montessori education from Gladwyne Montessori, your child will be able to learn, grow, and mature into a global citizen of impact whose ideas can transform our world.

Is a Montessori School Right for My Child?

Research has shown that, on average, Montessori educated children come out ahead in many developmental areas, such as independent thinking, leadership, social skills, sensory development, and language. In short, Montessori education emphasizes individual growth, natural curiosity, and real-world experience.

At Gladwyne Montessori, we believe your child should be encouraged to grow, love learning, and think differently. Our programs promote independence, concentration, innovation, and joyful learning. Children are born with an unconscious absorbent mind. They are taking in impressions of the world around them without any effort! As early as infancy, babies begin to benefit from the Montessori philosophy as highly trained instructors follow their natural rhythms and immerse them in language-rich, nurturing environments. By age two, children are openly showing their innate curiosity of the world through sensorial exploration. They start their journey of work as little scientists while learning to interact with their peer group. They quickly come to trust the routine and consistency of the nurturing classroom community. In our Primary program, our teachers continue to foster the child’s intrinsic motivation through lessons in the five key areas of the Montessori Method: practical life, language, sensorial, math, and culture. This is the age of intense personal development where teachers use social interactions to facilitate conflict resolution in a peaceful manner. Our Elementary students continue this Montessori "spiral journey" to deepen their knowledge of the world through research, writing, and advanced math and science while building close friendships with their peers.

We all know your child’s love for learning doesn’t end when classes do, so to help encourage deeper exploration, we have a variety of special programs and extracurriculars from Spanish to music, track, and robotics. Our Makerspace allows students to direct their own learning and enables them to turn their dreams into reality. Whatever your child is interested in learning, we strive to provide them the tools to make it possible.

Gladwyne Montessori is also proud to offer the opportunity for you to learn along with your child in our Parent-Toddler classes, where you can discover all your little one is capable of and discuss different parenting issues and tactics with a highly trained, caring child development professional.

Most parents hope to find the perfect fit for their child. The search should go beyond reputation or test scores; a perfect fit nurtures and encourages each child, strengthening and challenging a child’s academic abilities while fostering independence and self-esteem. Gladwyne Montessori is such a school—where children are significantly prepared for the journey of life-long learning.

Male teacher providing Montessori lesson for a 3 year old student.

What's inside?

At Gladwyne Montessori, your student will learn in beautifully, thoughtfully designed classrooms optimized for a Montessori curriculum.

Our Facilities