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Affording Gladwyne Montessori

Gladwyne Montessori provides an innovative, research-based Montessori education to all of its students. We recognize the significant financial commitment that comes with providing an independent school education to children and are committed to making a Gladwyne Montessori education available to families regardless of financial resources.

Our classroom programs include the option of before school and after school care for children as young as 2 years old so that we can better meet the needs of working parents, and we provide families with a variety of financing options including tuition assistance, scholarships, and payment plans.

Tuition Assistance

Gladwyne Montessori provides need-based tuition assistance to enable children of families who are committed to Montessori education to attend our school. The School and Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS) serves as a third-party processor of applicant data. Tuition assistance applications are available online at Once an application is processed by SSS, reports are forwarded to Gladwyne Montessori for review by the Financial Aid Committee.

After the first review, applicants are considered on a rolling basis until all funds are expended. Tuition assistance is based on a number of factors including the total funds available for all students, the number of applicants, and their relative demonstrated need. Tuition assistance must be applied for every year. All tuition assistance information and communications are held in strict confidentiality. Use our tuition assistance checklist to ensure you complete all items for your application.