How to Create a Montessori-inspired Space in Your Home

Gladwyne Montessori

Your child’s Montessori education doesn’t have to end when the school day does. Many of our parents work to bring Montessori principles into their homes, and a great first step is to set up a child-centered space that encourages independence and concentration. Here are a few simple tips to create a Montessori environment in your home:

Think Small

Look at your home from a child’s perspective. Is the furniture a little too big? Choose a few pieces of child-sized furniture that lets your child do everyday tasks on their own, without needing a boost-up from an adult. Also, consider moving any decorations and wall art closer to your child’s eye-level.

Create “Yes” Spaces

Stop saying “no,” and start saying “yes” when you create a space that allows your child to explore all of the items around them safely. Keep toys and sturdy items on low shelves, where young ones can reach, while moving irreplaceable or harmful objects to a higher location.

Embrace Minimalism

A traditional child’s room full of bright-colored walls and lots of toys can cause sensorial overload for many children. Instead, consider neutral colors, fewer decorations, and plenty of open space. This design creates a soothing environment where your child can focus and more easily decide what to do.

Bring Nature Inside

The natural world is fascinating to a growing child: the shifting of sunlight as the day passes, the movement of clouds in the sky, the steady fall of rain. Inside the house, hang edible herbs that are safe for young children, or if your child is a little older, help them learn how to take care of a houseplant or a pet.

Cultivate Their Toybox

Children learn how to interact with the world through hands-on experiences, so it’s important to choose toys that help your child practice diverse skills. Their toys may include a puzzle for hand-eye coordination, blocks for understanding structure and dimensions, an easel for creative exploration and expression, and so much more.

Learn and Grow in a Montessori Environment

At Gladwyne Montessori, we encourage children to embrace their curiosity, explore their world, and ultimately mature into responsible global citizens. To learn more about how we use the Montessori method at our school, please call 610-649-1761 today!

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