Why Montessori?

Curious about the Montessori philosophy and our school? Check out our posts to learn more about why you should consider a Montessori education for your child.

Nurturing Spirituality in a Montessori Classroom
Sue Mooney

With the right tools to continue building a harmonious existence, children become better equipped to respect every aspect of their world. A Montessori curriculum utilizes many outlets that work to expose important qualities that compose the entire child, including the physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and an important fifth component, the spiritual. This focus on the whole child works towards an important goal: the betterment of humankind's future. 

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Independence in the Kitchen
Janey Duff

Typically associated with and expected of older children, setting up an eating area, cleaning up after, and even aiding in food preparation are all feasible for toddler-aged children. Not only does the Montessori curriculum help to develop these skills in school, these activities and expectations can be applied at home!

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self-directed learning
Rebecca Dewey

Although commonly misunderstood, self-directed learning, a fundamental aspect of the Montessori philosophy, inarguably aids in the development of independent and driven children. When students direct their own learning, responsibility, confidence, and curiosity follow.

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How to Create a Montessori-inspired Space in Your Home
Gladwyne Montessori

Your child’s Montessori education doesn’t have to end when the school day does. Many of our parents work to bring Montessori principles into their homes, and a great first step is to set up a child-centered space that encourages independence and concentration. Check out these simple tips on creating a Montessori environment in your home!

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The Montessori Gift Giving Guide
Jemma Helliker

As the holidays draw near, consider age-appropriate gifts that also support your child's growth! Find a Montessori-inspired recommendation, aiding in anything from developing skills--fine motor coordination or reading comprehension--to instilling an appreciation of the outdoors to preparing for housework and individual responsibility! These engaging gifts will further equip your child with tools to fuel the physical, imaginary, and individual spirit. 

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