Why Montessori?

Curious about the Montessori philosophy and our school? Check out our posts to learn more about why you should consider a Montessori education for your child.

The Transformative Power of Storytelling in the Primary Classroom
Libby Herron

Used to prompt curiosity in the Montessori Primary classroom, storytelling serves as a powerful vehicle. Stories, told by teachers or students, ignite inquisitiveness and create opportunities for deep connections to the concrete learning associated with this age group. Honed in the early years, storytelling also offers value to older students as they move from concrete to abstract learning!

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The Value of a Montessori Education
Gladwyne Montessori

An accredited American Montessori Society school brings its students highly qualified, age-specific teachers who have obtained a distinct Montessori credential for a certain age group. This teacher training, along with sensorial materials and specific programming, provide our students with the best possible education. 

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The Cosmic Education of the Elementary Child
Sonja Shivpuri

Once a child enters her elementary years, she has both a desire and a capability to question, explore, and organize knowledge related to life's deeper workings. Providing a cultural context, the Cosmic Education gives students an opportunity to scientifically experiment and earnestly understand their own moral placement in the universe, which is vital to children's development and also to the sustainability of future generations. 

  • cosmic education
  • cultural studies
  • elementary
  • science
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Nurturing Spirituality in a Montessori Classroom
Sue Mooney

With the right tools to continue building a harmonious existence, children become better equipped to respect every aspect of their world. A Montessori curriculum utilizes many outlets that work to expose important qualities that compose the entire child, including the physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and an important fifth component, the spiritual. This focus on the whole child works towards an important goal: the betterment of humankind's future. 

  • elementary
  • peace education
  • primary
  • spirituality
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Independence in the Kitchen
Janey Duff

Typically associated with and expected of older children, setting up an eating area, cleaning up after, and even aiding in food preparation are all feasible for toddler-aged children. Not only does the Montessori curriculum help to develop these skills in school, these activities and expectations can be applied at home!

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