Why Montessori?

Curious about the Montessori philosophy and our school? Check out our posts to learn more about why you should consider a Montessori education for your child.

Helping Children Cope During a Pandemic
Dr. Elaine Edlind

As the COVID-19 pandemic forces families to adapt to evolving changes in daily life, parents and caregivers face the challenge of guiding their families to a new normal. Our resident School Psychologist and Parent-Toddler Facilitator Dr. Elaine Edlind shares Montessori-based strategies on how to support and respect children during these challenging and uncertain times. 

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Mathematics and Montessori
Veronica Casali

Dr. Maria Montessori believed that the human mind was mathematical by nature, and that knowledge and progress came from accurate observation of the physical world. She linked the mathematical mind with several human tendencies that work harmoniously at any stage of life—order, abstraction, and precision.

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Brandy Scott

According to research conducted by Dr. Maria Montessori, children need the opportunity to learn about the world around them—beginning at infancy. While traditional daycares allow for the care of an infant, a Montessori infant program provides a more in-depth approach that supports the holistic development of the child.

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Unique Montessori Lingo Holds Intentional Meaning
Aileen Lainez-Best

Dr. Maria Montessori redefined common language to reflect how children grow and learn within the Montessori classroom. For those new to the Montessori community, these terms can be confusing, as they hold a different meaning when used outside of the classroom. In Unique Montessori Lingo Holds Intentional MeaningPrimary Teacher Aileen Lainez-Best clarifies some of the most commonly used terminology and explains how it supports the Montessori philosophy.

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