“Education is a natural process carried out by the human individual, and is acquired not by listening to words, but by experiences in the environment.”
Maria Montessori

Head of School Search

On April 14, 2021, Gladwyne Montessori announced that Carrie Kries will be transitioning from her role as Head of School at the end of the 2021-22 school year, coincident with the end of her contract.

At that time, Carrie will have worked with our community for more than six years. We are profoundly grateful for her energy, enthusiasm, partnership and commitment to our mission, but most especially for her heartfelt interest in advocating for our students as they embark on a lifetime of learning.

The Board of Trustees’ most critical work at an independent school is identifying, recruiting, hiring, and supporting a mission-aligned Head of School. Gladwyne Montessori's Board has enlisted the help of Educators' Collaborative, a well-known, national firm that specializes in providing Head of School and Senior Administrator search services, as well as strategic planning and leadership coaching to independent schools. Their partners have decades of academic institutional leadership experience both in the U.S. and abroad, have developed a solid track record in identifying heads for Montessori schools and are confident in their ability to assist us in onboarding a new Head of School to succeed Carrie in July 2022.

Our search process will involve our entire community and will be led by the Search Committee that is specifically named below. This leadership transition represents an opportunity for our community to reaffirm its institutional values as well as its mission and vision. 

We look forward to your partnership in identifying the right person to lead as we enter the next chapter of Gladwyne Montessori's history.  

Stefanie Langer
Prior Board Chair, Trustee, Prior Parent 

Ashley Govberg
Chair, Search Committee

Search Committee Members

Ashley Govberg, Chair
Trustee, Prior Parent

Stefanie Langer, Prior Board Chair, Trustee, Prior Parent

Leahann IannottaBoard Secretary, Current Parent

Matthew Heil, Trustee, Prior Parent

Scott GregorchukTrustee, Prior Parent

Jason BrownTrustee Emeritus, Prior Parent

Dalip Puri, Prior Parent

Gretchen SprafkePrior Parent

Rose FollmerCurrent Faculty Member

Embarking on Our Search Process

Gladwyne Montessori's Board of Trustees has engaged Educators' Collaborative, LLC, a leading executive search firm, to conduct a comprehensive search for our next Head of School. Please click here to learn more about Educators' Collaborative's expertise and to get to know Mary Seppala and Doug Jennings, who will be leading our search process.

Our search will begin with a community-wide survey, followed by a series of information sessions with constituent groups from our community. Feedback received from these first steps will be carefully considered during the development of a position description and candidate profile that aligns with our school's mission, vision and values. 

Updates will be posted on this website throughout the duration of our search.