“Education is a natural process carried out by the human individual, and is acquired not by listening to words, but by experiences in the environment.”
Maria Montessori

Mission and Values

Through an authentic delivery of Maria Montessori's researched-based curriculum, Gladwyne Montessori provides an individualized learning experience that cultivates depth of knowledge and the values required to be actively engaged global citizens. 

Our vision is to be the best foundation for a lifetime of learning.

Our values—individuality, curiosity, responsibility, flexibility, connection, acceptance, and joy—are embedded deeply throughout our curriculum. We strive to instill these values within each member of our learning community.


The moment students enter our school, we encourage them to take charge of their own learning. Montessori materials are self-correcting so students can develop critical thinking skills on their own and at their own pace. Our teachers use differentiated instruction to individualize their approach with which children are taught by matching tasks and activities with a student’s interest, ability, and learning preference. The result is a sense of accomplishment—the feeling, "I did this own my own," that rarely comes from sitting in a traditional school room.


Every child is naturally curious to learn more about the world. At Gladwyne Montessori, the classroom environment and the concrete learning materials that progress with students as they master the work leads them to ask new questions and learn abstract concepts in math, science, humanities, and beyond. Maria Montessori stressed the need for teachers to continuously perfect the environment, because the child’s interest depends on it.


Our unique mixed-age classrooms generate a sense of responsibility toward others, which teaches students to respect each other, work together, and resolve conflicts as a group.


By following a rigorous curriculum driven by life's more natural rhythm, children are uniquely prepared for future success in higher education and working in the 21st Century economy. Additionally, regardless of the scope of the project, students are encouraged to collaborate, ultimately developing self-control, time management, and cooperation.


In order to identify how a pattern in math connects to a pattern in nature or how physics influences sports, our students learn in the same classroom for three years, growing creatively and mentoring one another. Through these connections, our students begin to understand their place in the world.


Our diverse classrooms naturally provide the opportunity for our students to learn at a young age acceptance and how to embrace differences. Our cultural curriculum exposes children to other lives and beliefs that exist outside of their family, school, and community. Montessori students develop grace and courtesy through a daily social setting that encourages them to respect their environment and others living in it.


Montessori students flourish in an atmosphere filled with respect and academic challenges. There is a special sense of harmony that follows your child as he progresses through our classrooms. Students are given the gift of time in the classroom to form their ideas and express themselves. Experiencing education through this innovative lens, teaches students to enjoy academics, and prepare for a lifelong love of learning.