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Our 20-21 School Year

Belonging to a community is essential for our students’ social and emotional well-being. The way we gather, collaborate, and celebrate will be different in 2020-21, but Gladwyne Montessori is dedicated to ensuring that our core mission remains at the forefront throughout the school year. Providing a safe, healthy, and meaningful learning environment for the students and faculty/staff of Gladwyne Montessori is our highest priority. 

On this page, you will find our reopening plans, which have been created as a result of input from our school community and months of diligent research and creative thinking.


What happens in September?

With the health and safety of our community and our school’s mission at the forefront of this decision, we have chosen to reopen in phases, beginning with an Online Plus learning model. This learning modality takes into consideration the input from our families, faculty, and staff, and the limitations and benefits of our physical campus.

Our intention is to return all Primary and Elementary students to campus for in-person learning on October 5, 2020.*

Please visit this page for an archive of communications that have been put out to our community.


Phased Reopening by Program

As the COVID-19 situation in our country is ever-changing, Gladwyne Montessori aims to reopen in phases during the 20-21 school year. See below for how it will affect your student's program. 

Please refer to our Health & Safety Guidelines below for more information on the protocols we we will be utilizing to conduct in-person instruction this school year.

*All plans will be evaluated regularly to assess safety conditions relative to the viability of bringing students and teachers to campus for in-person learning. Class placements may be limited and/or adjusted based on enrollment changes and evolving safety recommendations/mandates.


Health & Safety Plan

The Gladwyne Montessori Pandemic Health and Safety Plan has been developed in accordance with the Pennsylvania Department of Education (DOE) Preliminary Guidance for Phased Reopening of Pre-K to 12 Schools​ and also supports needs that are unique to Gladwyne Montessori's school community. The Health and Safety Plan consists of four main domains: Hygiene Practices for Students and Staff, Physical Distancing, COVID-19 Monitoring, and Health and Safety Plan Communications.

The health and safety of our students, faculty, staff, and families is of paramount importance. On-campus learning requires that all community members follow appropriate procedures and protocols. The following are a list of safety measures that will be followed when in-person learning takes place, regardless of alert level.

Read the Full plan


Frequently Asked Questions

For a full list of faqs, please download our official health and safety guide. If you have additional questions about health, safety or school reopening, please contact Gladwyne Montessori's Pandemic Response Team or the Health Office.