Summer Camp

The Gladwyne Montessori experience doesn't end when the school year does. Through our summer camps, your child can enjoy the warmer months in an environment that's safe, exhilarating, and filled with learning and purpose. Our daily summer camp program overflows with excitement, from water sports to music to games.

Summer Explorers (Ages 2-5)

Gladwyne Montessori's Summer Explorers Camp provides all of the components for a perfect summer.

All children ages 2 to 5 receive a balanced mixture of purposeful learning and fun, enriching activities in comfortable surroundings. By providing a familiar daily schedule, your child will experience the excitement of a Montessori day filled with meaningful work and exciting activities while ensuring even our youngest children feel safe and secure.

Sports Camp (Ages 5-12)

Hone team sports skills during these popular Sports Camps led by our physical education teacher. Children can spend the first two weeks of summer vacation utilizing teamwork and sports skills in soccer, baseball, and lacrosse. Your child can learn to pitch a baseball, catch a pass, block a penalty kick, cradle a lacrosse ball, and more!

Junior Maker Camp (Ages 5-12)

Our afternoon Junior Maker Camp is perfect for a child who spent the morning at Sports Camp or for someone who just wants an afternoon activity. The children make simple robots like the BrushBot or Scribblebot, learn about physical computing with the Makey-Makey and Scratch Programming, build and launch their own paper rocket, build simple circuits and more!

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