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“Education is a natural process carried out by the human individual, and is acquired not by listening to words, but by experiences in the environment.”
Maria Montessori

Student Support Team

Occupational Therapy

Ashley Seiver

Ashley Seiver

Occupational Therapist
After working with Head of School, Carrie Kries, previously, Ashley came to Gladwyne Montessori to help establish and co-chair the Student Support Team. She is inspired by the passionate and forward-thinking atmosphere at Gladwyne Montessori and is excited to be a part of it. Ashley spends her free time walking or biking around the city, dancing, growing food, and dreaming up new ideas.


Elaine Edlind

Elaine Edlind

School Psychologist, Parent/Toddler Facilitator
Elaine always wanted to work with children, and her role at Gladwyne Montessori allows her to work with children from 1 year old-through their middle school years while also providing the opportunity to get to know their parents. Elaine's goal is helping families as they navigate the travails of parenting. Elaine enjoys hiking (especially in the U.S. National Parks), reading, traveling domestically and internationally, yoga/gym, spending time with family and friends, working on the NY Times Sunday magazine crossword puzzle (and persisting until she completes it!)

Speech-Language Pathology

Bethany Shaffer

Bethany Shaffer

Speech Language Pathologist
Bethany came to Gladwyne Montessori after working for several years in an urban Montessori school. Bethany spends a lot of time cooking with fresh vegetables from her local CSA. She also enjoys spending time in nature and with her family.
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